Smoking and Crohns

Hands up who smokes or used to smoke. It’s pretty common for someone to have tried a cigarette in there life time.. but is it really worth it.

I’m not going to go into the damages of smoking or how bad it is for you, I’m just going to comment on the effects it has on people with Crohns. 

I was on a Crohn’s forum the other day and the subject of smoking came up. I was really surprised with the amount of people who said they did smoke even though it effected their Crohn’s.

One person said that “it helps with the stress”

Another said “The doctors blame everything on smoking”

It was a very ‘pro smoking’ thread which did confuse and upset me, one person even commented saying that “smoking can help the effects of Crohn’s and UC”. We all know that’s a load of crap.

The thing is tobacco is a natural laxative… So if your running to the loo every 5 seconds and smoking in between, it’s a no brainier really. Smoking speeds up the rate in which your disease is building and makes it worse.

I know it’s hard to quit but it’s really worth it.


The exact cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown. Most researchers think that it is caused by a combination of factors.

These are thought to be:

  • genetics
  • the immune system
  • smoking
  • previous infection
  • environmental factors

All in all everyone knows smoking is bad, especially when we crohnies are already susceptible to a large number of other diseases. For example smoking naturally relaxes the intestines, whilst intoxicating them, which can lead to bowl cancer, which is already on our side effects list.