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Directly in front of my bed in the ward is the “end of life information” draw. #Awkward

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"At least you look really well!"

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A simple yet effective way of generally describing all autoimmune disorders.

Autoimmune means immunity against the self.


I’ve got 99 problems and all of them are connected to my health

An easy way to understand the difference between Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s

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How big is your carbon foot print?

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As Crohn’s patients, we experience the bathroom with a different set of eyes … and smells. Get your toilet paper or baby wipes ready — here are 29 things only someone living with Crohn’s will understand.

1. Baby wipes aren’t just for babies.

2. It’s possible to clog a toilet bowl without paper.

3. “Fast food” describes the speed at which it will come out of your butt.

4. Italian food puts a hit on your small intestine.

5. Public restroom, private nightmare.

6. It’s wise to only purchase brown or black underwear.

7. Matches burn away shame.

8. Sometimes you’re on so many meds that the pills are a meal on their own.

9. Remicade is for readers.

10. When you obstruct, you understand the pain of childbirth.

11. There are many ways to prep an H.

12. If they love you despite the smells that come out of your butt, they’re the one.

13. Your colon is a cave of mysteries. Be prepared for spelunkers.

14. Barium is like a McDonald’s vanilla shake, except without the flavor or the happy.

15. Small talk is largely annoying during a colonoscopy.

16. We find bathrooms the way Indiana Jones finds treasure.

17. Solid poo means it’s going to be a good day.

18. The more ingredients it contains, the more reasons you have not to eat it.

19. Great outdoors, awful bathrooms.

20. Aisle seat, dude. Aisle seat.

21. Steroids make your muscles bigger, mostly the ones in your face.

22. Obstruction + salad = the opposite of healthy.

23. Speeding tickets can be less costly than dry cleaning tickets.

24. Mike McCready is a rockstar for a whooooooole different reason.

25. Mexican food makes you run for the border of the nearest toilet.

26. If Gandalf had Crohn’s and encountered popcorn, he’d yell, “You shall not pass!”

27. Drinking to forget your pain will only make you remember your Crohn’s.

28. IBD is worth it just to get out of jury duty.

29. Crohn’s makes people interesting, deep, intelligent, and cool. via healthlinenetworks

How I avoid flare ups

Hey Guys,

I’m on the edge of a big flare, you know when you can feel it coming, well I felt it.. bad. When ever this happens I adopt a really basic diet that keeps me in the clear until my symptoms are 100% gone.

I thought I would share my 3 tips on how I stay in the clear and keep my symptoms to a minimum when I feel a flare coming on.

1) Hydration.

Drink tons of water, When your bowls are inflamed and your rushing to the toilet it causes you to be dehydrated. Even if your drinking your 8 glasses of water a day, it sometimes isn’t enough, Try to judge it on how your body is responding to food, but the more fluids you can get in you, the better. I find filtered or bottled water is best, unless your tap water is really good. I found a great filter on Amazon for £20 and it came with 12 months of filters.

2) A Low Fibre/ Residue Diet

Bananas, Rice, White Bread and Potatoes are your new best friends. It’s not exciting but your poor broken belly will be very grateful. Because the diet is so basic, I make sire to take a multi-vitamin every morning with all the other pills. As soon as you start feeling better you can re-introduce some more foods, but don’t go crazy. The next foods to try is Rice Crispies, cavalcades, vegetable soups/broths, pasta ect…

3) Rest

Don’t beat yourself up about needing to chill out for a bit. Some gentle stretching/ working is fine but nothing that is going to stress you out. Have some nights in with a good movie and a comfy blanket, give your pet some attention or complete that crafty project you’ve been wanting to finish for forever.

Drink water. Eat simply & Chill out.

Feel better soon!

Jess x

If I had this doggy it would fix all my problems..

When I make the mistake of reading all the potential side effects of the drugs I currently take.


Every time

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Anonymous :  Helphelphelp So last night I took 4 laxatives (the max is supposed to be 3) and this morning I had a BM and there was blood and when I wiped there was lots of blood and a tiny clot and I'm so scared and my family has a history of Crohn's disease and I have IBS and I'm so scared


I’m sure taking 4 instead of 3 wont harm you to much. Check out the side effects of the laxatives you took, one might be blood in the stool.

If blood continues to appear in your stool for a week head to the Dr and tell them everything. Don’t leave out a detail and don’t panic.. it’ll only make your IBS flare up ;)

If you need any more help just inbox me, or maybe next time you feel a bit “blocked up” instead of reaching for the laxatives think of this guy!

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